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To be fully in control of your business, you must have up to date accounts and be able to read, understand and interpret them. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of business owners, that’s easier said than done.

Few business owners have either the time or expertise to understand the information their accountants present to them. They are unable to gauge how well their business is really doing and the result is all too often a nasty surprise.

The key things all business owners need to know about their accounts

I’m Barry Cowley of Cowley Holmes and to ensure that you get the best from your business, I’d like to offer you a free copy of my new booklet, “The Business Owner’s Essential Guide to Understanding Your Accounts in 59 Minutes or Less”.

Inside I explain exactly what all business owners need to understand about their accounts and how to act on that information.

The topics covered include:

  • Why profit and loss accounts are only part of the big picture
  • How to read Balance Sheets to get a clear picture of the state of your business
  • Why the usefulness of Cashflow Statements is often underestimated
  • How to work with your accountant to make decisions that lead to dramatic business growth
  • Why understanding your accounts can help prepare you for events the future may hold for your business.

All this is expressed in plain English, with no technical jargon, so you can act on it straight away.

Once you put it all into practice, you’ll enjoy a much greater degree of control and clarity and your business will soon become a pleasure to run.

This is information no business owner can afford to be without, so be sure to get your copy today, as they are already going fast and are in strictly limited supply.

Kindest regards,

Barry Cowley
Cowley Homes

P.S. I’ve even included a special glossary of the accounting terminology that you absolutely need to know, to make working with your accountant even easier!

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